IVF Spain and GCRM Glasgow get together to help more patients

The informative session about egg donation in Spain has been a success

IVF Spain and the Scottish clinic GCRM Glasgow organised together an informative session about fertility treatments with donated eggs in Spain. A great number of patients attended the Scottish clinic’s premises driven by their interest in the possibilities that reproductive medicine offers to conceive a healthy baby. 

The attendants had the chance to meet and talk directly with the IVF Spain gynaecologists and fertility specialists that will assist them throughout their fertility treatment: Dr. Szlarb and Dr. Álvarez. Furthermore, they met and asked their doubts to the coordinators that will guide them, through highly personalised attention, during their way to parenthood.

From IVF Spain, we would like to thank GCRM for the opportunity the clinic gives us to, together, help families to achieve their dream of becoming parent.