IVF Spain Alicante rewarded for its quality fertility programmes

The international fertility clinic obtains prizes for its Egg Donation program and PGD / PGS by the prestigious association of patients EggDonationsFriends

At IVF Spain Alicante we are aware of the emotional stress and the difficulties many couples face on their road to parenthood. And as such, we are proud of our efforts having been recognized by a renowned association like EggDonationFriends – created and formed by patients – awarding us for our egg donation and PGD/PGS program.

EggDonationFriends, once again, has rewarded us for the quality of our services. Our egg donation program relies on a donor pool with more than 500 European, Asian and Mid-East donors, allowing the highest grade of phenotypically similarity, that is, the physical resemblance to our patients. For our PGD/PGS program, on the other hand, it is only thanks to the most advanced technology and research and process innovation that we were able to be at the forefront of this sector – always focusing on patient well-being.

One of our main goals as professionals is to provide our patients tranquility, security and confidence regarding the quality and success of the treatment – which can only be ensured by combining cutting-edge-technology with top assisted reproduction specialists.

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