Great success achieved by the gathering organised in Düsseldorf by IVF Spain

A resounding success: IVF Spain in Alicante shares its experience as a leading European Fertility clinic – connecting medical professionals and prospective patients achieves a resounding assistance success with this initiative that connects medical professionals and future patients comfortably and effectively.

The international fertility clinic IVF Spain organised a patient meeting on 10th June in order to provide information and support to those wishing to book or considering treatment at the clinic.

The Medical Director of IVF Spain, Dr. Natalia Szlarb offered participants an overview of the fertility techniques and assisted reproduction treatments offered by the clinic.

Additionally patient assistants, Mª Cruz Guerrero and Ellis Ofenhammer provided information and answered questions specifically about the ‘patient experience’ offered.

The meeting took place in Germany, in the Lindner Congress Hotel, situated in the beautiful city of Düsseldorf. One of our aims as professionals in reproductive medicine is to provide a highly personalised service which is comprehensive and takes into account patient hopes and fears.

For this reason we organised the  patient meeting in order that we could share our work with people who might not have been able to visit the clinic in Spain.

We were truly pleased with the numbers of people who attended the meeting and sought  theinformation we were able to share.

In IVF Spain we fully intend to repeat this kind of gathering in the future to keep being able to help more and more people.

We look forward to see you all in the next meeting! Don’t miss it!