Celebrating 40 years of IVF

A special gift from IVF Spain

2018 represents a very significant year in the history of assisted reproduction and IVF; it is 40 years since the birth of the world’s first ‘IVF baby’, Louise Joy Brown. Four decades on and over six and half million babies later IVF continues to be the most effective treatment for the increasing numbers of those individuals and couples who experience problems in creating their own families. The wonderful Louise Brown says: “My mum would be amazed at the way IVF has developed and the techniques available to people today. I was given the middle name of Joy, because they felt IVF would bring the joy of children to so many people. This initiative by IVF Babble is an exciting way to mark the 40th anniversary by spreading joy and hope.

To celebrate this important anniversary we are partnering with IVF Babble to offer a free IVF treatment at our clinic in Alicante: “Commemorating 40 years of IVF – we are very pleased to support this great initiative and hand out a free IVF treatment to one of the participants.”, explains Inge Kormelink, Head of Strategies and Policies at IVF Spain. 

Visit this website and enter your details for an opportunity to receive free treatment from one of the world’s leading IVF centres. We are very honored to be part of this great initiative and wish all the participants good luck. 

At IVF Spain we are at the forefront of the use of IVF and our excellent success rates reflect the effort we have made in scientific advancement and techniques and the staff employed to offer the most effective solutions to the problem of infertility. We welcome all our patients with a smile and accompany them throughout the whole process.