20th September – IVF Spain will attend the next GCRM Glasgow information evening

The Scottish fertility clinic has invited us to meet their patients and talk about Egg Donation in Spain.

Every few weeks, the GCRM fertility clinic in Glasgow hosts a free fertility information evening for people thinking of starting fertility treatment. This initiative is truly admirable because people really need detailed, scientific and clearly explained information and these meetings contribute a lot to raise awareness about the many fertility options they have to conceive.

Therefore, for their next meeting, they have invited us to talk about egg donation treatments in Spain. Participants will have the opportunity to meet and speak to our gynaecologists and fertility experts, Dr. Szlarb and Dr. Alvarez. They will also be able to pose questions directly to the patient coordinators who will take care of them throughout their treatment, Genoveva Paredes and Esther Olmos.

From IVF Spain, we would like to thank GCRM for the opportunity the clinic gives us to, together, help families to achieve their dream of becoming parents. 

Location: GCRM Ltd, 21 Fifty Pitches Way, Cardonald Business Park, Glasgow, G51 4FD

Date: 20th September 2017 – 17:30hrs