15 fertility treatments to celebrate 40 years of IVF

IVF Spain joins the IVF Babble initiative and will offer an IVF-treatment to one of its readers as a tribute to the 40th anniversary of the birth of Louise Brown.

It has been 40 years since the birth of Louise Brown, the world’s first test tube baby. It was also during that time that the in-vitro technique was developed and became one of the greatest medical advances of the century (and well worth the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2010).

Since then, more than 8 million babies have been born thanks to assisted reproduction treatments, being Spain the European country in which most fertility treatments were carried out (according to a study issued at the latest European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology congress – ESHRE).

At IVF Spain we could not let this opportunity go by without doing something special, so we decided to join the IVF Babble initiative which offers its readers 15 free fertility treatments in clinics all around the world.

Our clinic will be offering an IVF-treatment worth €6,500.00. This treatment requires an adequate number of fertilised eggs to be successful and is therefore ideal for patients aged 30 to 42 with a normal ovarian reserve.

This treatment also includes:

  • Medical treatment and follow-up
  • Medication plan
  • Basal echographies and hormone controls carried out at IVF Spain
  • Echographies with hormone control carried out at IVF Spain (if required).
  • Sperm capacitation
  • Ovarian puncture with sedation
  • First embryo transfer

No waiting list (subject to laboratory organisation and time for treatment preparation).

At IVF Spain we are very proud to be part of this wonderful initiative. We will be able to help a couple to fulfill their dream by putting our medical team and the most advanced technology in reproductive medicine, capable of achieving success rates well-above the Spanish average (according to data offered by the Spanish Fertility Society) at their disposal.

All winners will be chosen by IVF Babble on the 25 July.

IVF Spain will announce the name (s) of the couple that will receive an IVF treatment at no cost on its social media.

Stay tuned and good luck to all!