Natural Cycle treatment

One of the in-vitro fertilisation treatments we provide is the Natural Cycle treatment. As its name suggests, it is tailored to the patient’s natural cycle. Only occasionally is minimal ovarian stimulation required to obtain one or two naturally mature ovules, which are then fertilised in the laboratory.

Ovules are extracted by egg retrieval and culture in our laboratory until they are at just the right stage for transfer to the uterus.

Embryo culture is, to a great extent, what determines the success of a Natural Cycle treatment: it requires constant, thorough supervision of multiple parameters, and a reliable laboratory equipped with the latest technology as well as suitable assisted reproduction techniques are crucial to success.

Percentage of pregnancies of this treatment that we have in IVF-Life

Types of Natural Cycle treatments

There are two types of Natural Cycle treatments:

  • Insemination with a partner’s semen
  • Insemination with donor semen

Both treatments are performed using the same ovule extraction and implantation procedure. The difference is the origin of the semen. If a partner’s semen is used, we need a semen sample. If an anonymous donor is used (anonymity is mandatory under Spanish law) IVF-Life performs the necessary tests to ensure that the semen is viable, and additional tests to ensure that the ovules and donor semen are of the highest quality.

The Spanish law governing assisted reproduction is among the most advanced in the world. Both semen and ovule donation are legal. Babies born in accordance with this legal framework and using these techniques are unable to discover the donor’s identity and neither are donors able to discover the baby’s identity.

For whom is it indicated?

Patients with a low ovarian reserve, where there are few good quality eggs.

Patients who would rather have ovarian stimulation with minimum medication

Although there is a high likelihood of success, your suitability will depend on the medical diagnosis. That’s why the specialists at IVF Spain will review your case and perform the necessary diagnostic tests to recommend the best method to obtain the result you want; a healthy baby.

*The viability of the treatment depends on the medical diagnosis.