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IVF-Life, dedicated to research and teaching 

At IVF-Life, we are committed to research and teaching

At IVF-Life, we strive to make society a better place. Our goal extends beyond patient care, and that’s why we are fully committed to education and research. 

We are involved in research projects in both academic and professional settings. Additionally, we develop specialized training programs for healthcare and fertility professionals. 

At IVF-Life, we are committed to research and teaching

IVF-Life Masters

At IVF-Life Group, we recognize the importance of continuous education and the transfer of knowledge from professionals to the academic world. For this reason, in collaboration with the University of Alicante, IVF-Life contributes to the training of new professionals specialized in the field of fertility. 

In partnership with the Human Fertility Chair at the University of Alicante, IVF-Life Alicante leads this specialized training course for individuals with a university degree who wish to learn about methods and techniques in reproductive biology. 

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Designed to provide insight into the experimental procedures carried out in clinical andrology laboratories. During their training, healthcare professionals and trainees will gain knowledge of technical details related to male reproductive health, as well as the techniques and considerations in this field. 

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Expert Course in International Patient Assistance

This online program, available in both Spanish and English, combines interlinguistic training with patient assistance, including practical experience in our clinics in Alicante, Madrid, and San Sebastián. We promote the development of communication and management skills in the healthcare sector.

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Studies and Theses

Our work is closely linked to research. Therefore, at IVF-Life Group, we align ourselves with the progress in research and the essential contribution that healthcare professionals must make in the academic field. 

With over 25 specialized publications, we remain active each year, contributing new texts and studies to the scientific community. 

Supporting Future Professionals

In addition to actively participating in research and education, our team supports future medical doctors by providing tutoring and coaching during the development of their doctoral theses. 

We believe that our work allows young professionals to go further and benefit from the experience and knowledge of our team in order to achieve their academic and professional goals. 

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