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Infertility and social environment: What will they say?

The opinion of the social environment may or may not matter much to a couple, but it will always have some impact. The support of family and friends is essential in managing the difficulties of coping with infertility. However, many couples hesitate to share their situation, afraid of being judged by others.

Infertility: How to deal with it?

As with any disease, we never think it will happen to us. Actually, at first, when a person finds out that he or she is infertile, the most common reaction is denial. It’s a way of avoiding facing something that isn’t pleasant, that you wish wasn’t so, and even less so if you are looking to have a baby.

Feeling guilty and disappointed with your own body tends to come up quickly, but besides not being rational, it doesn’t help either. Being infertile is not your fault, just as it is not your fault to suffer from any other illness. Remember you still have many possibilities at your disposal to have the baby you want.

At IVF-Life we rely on professionals who will help you manage your situation or your partner’s situation psychologically and emotionally. It is important to make an effort to stay patient and empathetic, as well as bearing in mind that, fortunately, nowadays there are many ways that will lead you to achieve your dream.

Infertility in your social environment

Infertility is a taboo disease in today’s society: We rarely know of anyone in our environment who has problems having children, and if we do, it is a topic that is not even discussed.

It is a condition suffered not only by the infertile person, but also by their partner and family, and this heightens the sense of both responsibility and guilt. For this reason, many infertile people prefer not to share their case with their environment, trying to protect others, but above all themselves. Feelings of shame and insecurity are also common in cases of infertility, which can lead to a certain complex.

The decision not to share your condition with those close to you is completely respectable, but it is not usually the best decision. This is actually a delicate moment in your life, involving difficulties that you will have to face, and it is best to have the support of people who care about you.

Many other people, on the other hand, choose to rely on the people around them to help them cope. By being able to talk about it with those who care about you, you will have the opportunity to unburden yourself, and find understanding and support from your family and friends. It will also allow you to avoid unfortunate questions about the subject of starting a family.

But you should also bear in mind that, even if they are people who love you, they will not always react as you would like them to, and you will have to be prepared for these unforeseen reactions. Infertility and assisted reproduction may be a difficult subject for some people to understand, and sometimes it is worth being patient when it comes to explaining it, if you wish to do so.

infertilidad entorno social
infertilidad entorno social

Starting a process of Assisted Reproduction

Since this may be one of the most important decisions you will make in your life, it is quite normal to feel doubtful and insecure. Start by gathering information, and try to look for testimonials to get an idea of what assisted reproduction treatment involves.

Assisted reproduction treatments can be long and tough, therefore it is important to keep a positive attitude throughout the whole process. Although no infertility case is easy to manage, keep in mind that it is fortunate to have all the existing means at your disposal.

Regarding whether or not to share this situation, we should always count on people to accompany and support us when facing this type of process, but in any case, you are free to make the decision you prefer. It is an intimate decision that mainly concerns you and your partner, so it will depend on the personality of both of you and the circle of people around you.

You will always find support and accompaniment from the team of dedicated experts at IVF-Life.