Guaranteeing excellence: monitoring and safety systems in the IVF-Life IVF laboratory

Technology and innovation have revolutionised the field of fertility and assisted reproduction, and at IVF-Life we are at the forefront, not only in advanced treatments and specialisation in providing scientific solutions to complex cases, but also in the implementation of rigorous controls and safety systems in our IVF laboratory. “Excellence and patient safety are our top priorities and this is reflected throughout every step of our procedures,” highlighted Dr Llanos Medrano, IVF Laboratory Director and Senior Embryologist at IVF-Life Alicante.
IVF Laboratory Safety Systems
One of our IVF-Life IVF laboratories

Electronic witnessing technology: the cornerstone of safety in the IVF-Life laboratory

The electronic witnessing technology is one of the key elements in our laboratory. An innovative technology designed to guarantee traceability and safety throughout the entire fertility treatment process for each patient. Its crucial contribution lies in the prevention of human error, especially in the identification and manipulation of gametes and embryos.

María Velasco and Rebeca Fernández, Joint Managers of the IVF laboratory at the Basque Fertility Institute (IVF-Life Donostia), highlighted the relevance of advanced technology and double human verification in conjunction with the electronic witnessing technology: “the convergence of cutting-edge technology and strict human control, backed by the electronic witnessing technology system, allows us to offer our patients the necessary confidence throughout every step of the process.”

IVF Laboratory Safety Systems

This technology acts as a “digital gatekeeper” throughout the process, ensuring that each step is carried out accurately and in accordance with each patient’s personalised treatment plan. From sample identification to embryo handling, the system tracks every movement, providing an extra layer of security and eliminating the possibility of error.

A digital witness: ensuring traceability and security

The electronic witnessing technology process at IVF-Life is meticulous and follows rigorous quality standards. When a gamete or embryo sample arrives at the laboratory, it is labelled with a unique code. This code is entered into the electronic system, creating an unbreakable digital link between the sample and the patient’s identity. “When we give this code to our patients, in the form of a card, we emphasise its importance. It is their ID card from that moment on, it is what links them to their embryo,” explained Dr Medrano. After this stage, any handling or transfer of the sample is recorded and verified through the system, ensuring traceability at every stage.

Guaranteed safety: when state-of-the-art technology is combined with our experts' human care

At the heart of our IVF laboratory is a highly sophisticated computer system that controls and monitors every process. This system not only regulates the logistical aspects, but also manages access to the laboratory, which is strictly limited to authorised staff. This ensures the integrity of the processes and minimises any risk or human error. “Our patients trust us with the safety of one of the most important things in their lives. When it comes to our laboratory, the error rate has to be zero,” explained Dr Medrano.

Each embryologist is assigned individual passwords to access the computer system, which ensures the traceability of the actions carried out by each professional, allowing a detailed follow-up of the interactions with the samples. Furthermore, access to the laboratory is only possible by means of a unique code, which adds an additional layer of security by ensuring that only authorised staff have access to critical areas of the laboratory.

In addition, every process at IVF-Life is not only supported by the central computer system and the state-of-the-art witness technology, but also by a rigorous double human check for critical processes such as, for example, the destruction of samples after obtaining the patients’ express consent. This double check means that two independent professionals must confirm the accuracy of the information and the identification of the samples before proceeding to the next stage. A “cross-checking” strategy that further strengthens the security of the system by incorporating expertise and human attention to prevent any potential discrepancies.

“Our commitment to safety is reflected not only in the advanced technology we use, but also in the constant human supervision that ensures accuracy and reliability at every stage,” stressed Ester Padilla, IVF-Life Madrid IVF laboratory manager.

Thanks to this combination of processes, backed by state-of-the-art technology, not only do we meet the highest safety standards, but we also set the benchmark in our sector by prioritising the trust and peace of mind of our patients at every step of the process.

The implementation of the electronic witnessing technology system and the rigorous adherence to safety protocols and procedures have consolidated IVF-Life Alicante, Donostia and Madrid as centres of excellence in the field of fertility and assisted reproduction. At our clinics we offer patients both successful results and essential peace of mind and confidence throughout the entire treatment process. At IVF-Life, safety and success are inseparable values that define our commitment to the health and well-being of every patient.