IVF-Life is the first clinic in Spain to install Gidget™, the most advanced system for monitoring, identifying and following up biological samples in all processes related to assisted reproduction techniques in its laboratories.

How does Gidget™ work?

The system watches over all in vitro fertilisation (IVF) in the laboratory in two ways. Firstly, it correctly identifies patients and secondly, it improves traceability of reproductive cells during each clinical and laboratory procedure that requires production of reports and completion of forms.

Thanks to Gidget, all processes that involve the management, manipulation and mixing of patients embryos and gametes are completed correctly.

Technically speaking, Gidget is a hand-held, easy-to-use device that helps embryologists to identify samples and follow them up during assisted reproduction procedures.
Gidget is used to scan petri dishes and other consumables used to store and process patient material, eliminating possible accidental mistakes.

The system produces unique labels for each patient with specific barcodes, which are assigned to specific days within each patient’s cycle before carrying out any procedure. What’s more, it enables personalised care and optimised clinical workflow and patient follow-up.

Gidget also eliminates the risk of error by the staff members who carry out each proceeding using electronic traceability showing what has occurred and when, increasing efficiency in all processes.

It is part of IVF-Life’s philosophy to make latest advances in fertility available to our patients, always through adapted, highly personalised care for each person. Using Gidget in our laboratories helps us to maintain excellent standards.