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First Visit Online

First Visit Online

At IVF-Spain we are adapting to the new situation and we want to be closer than ever. This is why our patients will be able to request their First Visit Online to go over their questions about fertility and get first-hand advice by a fertility expert.

The 100% digital environment in which we currently live allows us to receive patients from all over Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Africa, Asia and even South America.

During these 10 years supporting the patient, both nationally and internationally, we have learned and perfected our work system, so that distance is not an obstacle when it comes to creating life.

The standardization of processes and our online patient monitoring system, within a data protection environment, allows us to put the patient at the centre of everything we do and therefore offer the best tailor-made medicine.

The digital transformation and the incorporation of Salesforce software, the world’s leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform, allows us to collect data to correctly monitor the entire Patient Journey: from the first contact with the clinic until the birth of the baby. This is how we have created more efficient communication, thus improving Patient Experience.

How to Prepare for a First Visit Online?

The First Visit Online is the beginning of your fertility journey with us, a journey towards parenthood. It is necessary to gather previous information, as complete as possible, so that our experts will be able to conduct the consultation online. With this information we will be able to create your medical history. This is an online medical ‘anamnesis’ developed under a highly-secure data protection environment (GDPR 100% compliance) and therefore be able to advice on the treatment that best suits each patient. We believe in personalised care and we do not apply standard protocol, as each patient is unique and so will be their treatment.

It is necessary to gather as much information, and as complete as possible, so that the online consultation goes as smoothly as possible.

With all this information we will be able to create your medical history. As already explained, this is done with an online anamnesis form, in an environment 100% secure and in compliance with current GDPR; this is the best way to define the best approach in your case and design your treatment plan accordingly.

We believe in personalised medicine and we do not apply standard rules, as each patient is unique and the “one size fits all” approach shouldn’t apply to health care.

Required information to complete the online medical form:

  • Previous IVF treatments performed.
  • Lab reports and information on previous Embryo Transfer (ET).
  • Previous screening tests (blood tests or additional tests already performed)
  • Previous Ultrasounds scan results if any.

What should I Expect during my Online Fertility Consultation?

During your online consultation you will get the opportunity to talk to a fertility expert. This is can be done via Skype (or videoconference) and takes approximately one hour.  Depending on the needs of each patient, we will design a treatment plan and discuss potential treatment dates, always choosing the dates that best suit the patient and taken into account their personal and professional lives.

Information as a Synonym of Peace of Mind

We know that it is not easy to digest all the information that undergoing Fertility treatment entails. For that reason, a dedicated, Personal Assistant is assigned to each patient during the whole process. This Patient Coordinator will be in constant communication with the patient, defining the Patient Journey and identifying the key steps to follow during treatment.

Patient Coordinators (Personal Assistants) are essential for the success of treatments, especially when we talk about treatment abroad. Patient Coordinators are in charge of explaining treatment costs, treatment plans and medication, scheduling of ultrasound scans in their home cities and helping clarify any questions that may arise during the process. Our commitment to the well-being of others, without conditions, does require us to keep the strictest monitoring processes to protect both our team and our patients. Without forgetting our mission: to ensure that no one is left without fulfilling their dream of starting a family. That is why now is the time when we want to be closer than ever.