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Why a free first consultation at the Basque Fertility Institute is so important

When it is your job to offer life to the world, it must be done from the heart, caring for every vital aspect of the process from the very start.

From our first point of contact with our patients, we establish an unbreakable bond that allows us to achieve our goals, which are no other than achieving pregnancy and creating new families.

At the Basque Fertility Institute (IVF-Life Donostia), we believe that a free first diagnostic consultation is key to paving the way for the proper development of any treatment, especially fertility treatments.

What does the first diagnostic consultation at the Basque Fertility Institute consist of?

Your first consultation is the beginning of an exciting journey towards parenthood, in which we always support our patients despite the setbacks and unforeseen events.

Counselling is always based on each individual’s medical history. It is necessary to know if the patient has previously participated in treatments in other centres, and to have access to any embryology, analysis, and/or ultrasound scan reports.

What should I expect at my first fertility consultation?

A free first diagnostic consultation is key to ensuring the correct development of any treatment

In the fertility field there are a myriad of variables and data that we must consider. However, we know it can sometimes be difficult keeping everything under control. At the Basque Fertility Institute, we always assign a personal assistant who is in constant communication with the patient, helping her assimilate all the treatment details and to keep track of all the milestones or events during the process.

Moreover, the personal assistant’s role is vital for the success of the treatment, since they will manage all aspects related to the patient’s preparation and provide her with all the information or resolve any questions during the process.

David Iruretagoyena, Director of IVF-Life Donostia, promoting human value

Offering the patient the best treatment is something that comes from the soul. For this reason, it is with sincerity and love that the staff at the Basque Institute firmly believes in our values, which makes it a constant ideal for us to ensure the accessibility and humanity of our work.

This concept comes from the centre’s own management, committed to patient care and personalised attention. David Iruretagoyena, director of the Basque Fertility Institute, explains why he considers it essential for the clinic to maintain all the features that make his team’s counselling exceptional.

David Iruretagoyena, Director of the Basque Fertility Institute (IVF-Life Donostia)

When someone decides to become a mother or a father, they are making the most important decision of their life, stated David Iruretagoyena. For this reason, he believes that when a patient decides to take the step and investigate where she wants to carry out this decision, she should do so with complete peace of mind and knowledge of her options.

When you want a new perfume, it is normal to search among different fragrances. You don’t simply choose the first option, but the one that best suits you; we are confident in our work and we firmly believe that we are the clinic that many people are looking for, something that our patients have told us personally and via the Internet,” concluded the director of IVF-Life Donostia.

Our clinic considers our personalised attention and individualised treatment with the patient to be the pillar that sustains our professional philosophy, something that has been acknowledged on Google with a perfect mark of five stars in their reviews. This campaign is one more effort on IVF-Life Donostia’s behalf to continue contributing in this direction and making the best care and services available to its patients.

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