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Tratamiento personalizado

The importance of a personalised treatment

At IVF-Spain we are very aware that every patient is unique and that is why it is so important to be able to offer a medicine that adapts to each individual. That is why we offer all our patients a personalised treatment. 

infertilidad masculina

Male Infertility: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatments

Getting pregnant is a complex process. According to international data, 15% of couples worldwide suffer from infertility problems. In cases where both partners are unable to have children, besides studying the female factor, the male partner is also examined. If you are having trouble getting pregnant, you will be interested to know that approximately 33% of infertility causes are due to male infertility. We spoke to Dr Llanos Medrano, senior embryologist of the IVF-Life group of clinics.

Stress Kinderwunschbehandlung stress fertility treatments¡
Fertility treatments

How to reduce the stress caused by fertility treatments?

Infertility can push you into a roller coaster of emotions. Feelings of guilt, shame, anger, helplessness and uncertainty can become a constant source of stress for patients. They try to understand why something seemingly easy and natural for some, can be a struggle for them. It is also hard when something so private and intimate like a pregnancy is turned into something medical.

Fertility treatments

ICSI: Assisted Reproductive Technologies

We know that a woman’s ovarian reserve is drastically affected by her age, while gamete production in men never stops. But numerous studies have demonstrated that there is also an age-related decline in sperm quality in men. Leonor Ortega, director of the IVF-Spain laboratory, tells us more about the assisted reproduction technique called ICSI, which is used in 95% of cases at the IVF-Spain Alicante clinic.

hatching asistido

Assisted hatching and embryo implantation: what is it and when is it recommended?

Implantation of the embryo is one of the most important steps in an assisted reproductive treatment. In many cases in which the embryo has been examined and all possible factors have been ruled out, but implantation has not been successful, it is recommended to use the Assisted Hatching technique to rule out the presence of a thickened outer membrane (also called zona pellucida), which prevents the embryo from exiting and thus implanting in the endometrium.

two week wait

The two week wait: How to survive it and its symptoms?

That time between the embryo transfer and the result of the pregnancy test, also called the two week wait or beta hCG, is one of the most difficult phases of fertility treatment is nothing new. Today, we at IVF-Spain would like to talk about the symptoms that may occur during this process and give you some advice on how to better manage the waiting period. For this purpose, we have talked to our specialist Raquel Pascual, nurse and psychologist at the IVF-Spain clinic in Madrid.

Onverklaarbare onvruchtbaarheid
Fertility treatments

Reasons for unexplained Infertility

Today, unexplained infertility affects about 15% of all couples who use reproductive medicine to become parents. The cause of infertility sometimes remains unexplained even after thorough examinations.

Fertility Myths
Fertility treatments

Fertility Myths: Clearing up what no one dares to expose

You can choose the sex of your baby during fertility treatment. Taking contraceptives affects fertility. Getting pregnant is easy… Are you familiar with any of these fertility myths? To clear up misinformation, in this article we from IVF-Spain will set the record straight on those fertility myths that, sadly, we’ve all heard at some point or another.