Fertility preservation treatments: the solution for women choosing to write their own future

Although there are several aspects that could define the philosophy that we follow at IVF-Life, we wanted to focus on two of them for this article, the first being the personalised care that each patient who entrusts us with their project receives. Another of our clinic’s mottos is our firm commitment to education and dissemination, which is inescapably linked to our duty to raise society’s awareness of fertility issues. 

These two points lead us to talk today about fertility preservation treatments, as well as about the determined woman who chooses to undergo such a treatment, covering all the doubts and concerns that most patients express when they begin to consider freezing their eggs. 

In short, today we are going to highlight everything that surrounds the powerful option of choosing how and when to experience motherhood. 

How much is known about women’s fertility and its possible preservation?

Despite the fact that, as years go by, the main agents of information are gradually becoming increasingly aware of issues related to women’s health and the taboo relating to such discussions has indeed been dissipating, the truth is that it is common for us to receive patients who are unaware of the most relevant details regarding their fertility and reproductive health. They are often surprised to discover that the 2 million eggs they had at the time of their birth are now down to 30,000, as they now find themselves in their thirties. Another fact that tends to go unnoticed is that their oocytes, as well as decreasing in quantity, are also decreasing in quality, which means that achieving a full-term pregnancy becomes more complicated. 

If there is one thing we cannot deny, it is that women are becoming mothers at an increasingly later age, a fact that is due to the change in their role over the years. Nowadays, women prioritise personal, experiential, academic or work-related objectives, among others, which tend to be achieved when they have reached an age that is not in line with what biology considers to be the ideal age for reproduction. 

As a leading force in reproductive medicine, our mission is to understand this reality, always with the aim of adapting to it in order to meet the needs of our patients. 

We accompany you in the process of planning your motherhood

At IVF-Life, we understand that the decisions that each woman makes regarding her maternity are unique and individual. Therefore, we contribute to empowering their autonomy of action, providing at all times detailed information and the necessary continuous support in order to choose how to live the approach towards having children from a responsible and evidence-based perspective. 

The experience and resources of our team of professionals are the driving forces that will help you to plan your maternity. We want to get to know your situation, listen to your concerns and learn about your goals. In this way, we will be able to offer you the fertility preservation treatment that best suits your case so that, if one day you wish to become a mother, you will be able to face the process with knowledge and peace of mind. 

For over a decade, we have been a trusted resource for hundreds of patients who, just like you, have struggled with the complexities of making motherhood and the rest of their aims coexist. This is why we have also spent more than a decade providing women with accessible, transparent, quality information, ultimately putting them in control of their reproductive future. What about you? Do you want to plan yours? Come and meet us at our clinics in Alicante, Madrid or Donostia and decide what your next adventure will be.