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The added value of a multidisciplinary and holistic approach in assisted reproduction treatments

In the field of assisted reproduction, a multidisciplinary approach has proven to be a key factor in improving the quality and outcomes of treatments, providing added value in patient care. At IVF-Life Group, the importance of emotional well-being in assisted reproduction treatments is understood and efforts are made to integrate this approach into daily practice.  IVF-Life Group professionals strive to go beyond the mere application of medical techniques and address the individual needs and aspirations of each couple. The clinic’s multidisciplinary team consists of gynecologists, psychologists, nurses, and other specialists, all of whom are aware of the importance of conveying

Rejuvenecimiento ovárico
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What are Ovarian Rejuvenation techniques?

Over the years, the human body undergoes various changes that result in a reduced ability to reproduce, reducing the quality of the gametes (eggs and sperm) and often causing what is known as infertility. For this reason, there are various fertility techniques, such as ovarian rejuvenation using PRP, which help to minimise its impact.  Infertility is a condition described as a person’s inability to achieve pregnancy after one year of sexual intercourse and is estimated to be the most common cause of infertility. According to the national registry of the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF), infertility affects between 15% and 17%

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