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In-person consultations
in Birmingham: May 17-18
in London: May 31st & June 1st

Online: Any time

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Thank you for your interest, and we offer you the opportunity to book a personal consultation with one of our fertility experts outside of the event’s programme.

Due to the high number of requests received and the exceeding of the registration deadline, the consultation will not be able to take place on the same dates as the event. However, we assure you that you will receive the same exceptional and personalised attention that distinguishes us in answering all your questions.

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About IVF-Life

We are a leading group of fertility clinics in assisted reproduction, with centres located in Alicante, Madrid, and San Sebastián.

The excellence of our service is based on personalised attention, combined with cutting-edge technology and a solid experience in developing scientific solutions for complex cases. This has enabled us to place our pregnancy success rates well above the European average, with over 10,000 births in 14 years.

At IVF-Life, we understand that every journey to motherhood is unique, which is why we customise each treatment to meet the specific needs of each patient, achieving the highest standards of professionalism, commitment, and proximity, as evidenced by the excellent reviews from our patients.

Why is it worthwhile to meet our fertility experts in-person or online?

Worldwide renowned for our expertise in solving fertility complex cases and our pregnancy success rates high above the European average, we offer highly personalised care in all treatments, with dedicated multilingual staff all throughout your fertility journey.

We bring our fertility experts closer to you. And if can’t meet our Doctor in Birmingham or in London this time, then an online appointment is a convenient and flexible alternative.​

In addition, by scheduling your consultation with our fertility experts, whether in-person or online, you will be entitled to a 7% discount on your In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Egg Donation treatment, should you choose to proceed with it.

What is a pre-diagnostic consultation at no cost?

  • An informative fertility consultation with an experienced assisted reproduction gynaecologist.
  • Our Doctor shall ask you about your specific clinical history (anamnesis).
  • You’ll have the chance to set all your questions, receive expert answers and unravel your concerns.
  • You’ll receive a preliminary guidance about the most suitable fertility treatment and the recommendable tests and diagnosis to follow, for a successful pregnancy.

+95% pregnancy rates in egg-donation treatments

+10.000 babies born in 14 years.

Backed up by constant investment in science, innovation and leading-edge technology.

We solve the most complex fertility cases

Patients with 4+ miscarriages or implantation failures at other centres, end up seeking our scientific and medical expertise.

This expertise allows us to shorten the average time of every fertility journey.

End-to-end patient accompaniment

Dedicated, multilingual patient care assistants throughout all stages of your path to parenthood.

Seamless care from first visit ​to the post embryo transfer pregnancy test by the same medical team.

Meet our experts

In-person consultations ​

Present in Birmingham May 17-18​

«We solve the most complex fertility cases​»

Dr. Isabel


Reproductive Medicine Specialist

Present in London May 31st & June 1st

«End-to-end patient accompaniment»

Dr. Andrea



Online consultations​

You shall be assisted by one of our experts in your language.

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