Siobhan (45) & Steven (45)

Siobhan and Steven came to IVF Spain asking for help through the Routes to Parenthood meeting that had taken place in Manchester. In this video, they tell us a little bit about their story, about their experiences at other fertility clinics compared to IVF Spain and about their fertility journey. Fertility treatments were not working […]

Darlene (42) & Richard (45) Happy Ending

Darlene and Richard came to IVF Spain with the hope of fulfilling their desire to raise a family and become parents. Thanks to the effort, dedication and affection we put into their case, we have been able to make their dream come true.This lovely couple did not allow the difficulties they encountered in their country […]

Eline (43) & Leon (34)

This lovely couple from the Netherlands – Eline and Leon, the winners of the ‘Egg Donation Journey 2017’ organised in cooperation with Egg Donation Friends, came to visit our clinic for their first visit at the end of September and received a thorough consultation from our fertility specialist Dr. Álvarez. See more stories »