Laura and Daniel

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A coin toss at dawn: a free fertility treatment to regain hope On any given night, at 1 in the morning, Laura was at home with her partner Daniel, trying to fall asleep. Nothing out of the ordinary, however, this night was not just another one in their lives, as soon everything was about to […]

Kathryn (39) & Richard (37)

Meet Kathryn and Richard, our winners of the ‘Fertility Journey’ in the Fertility Road Magazine 2017. This adorable English couple came to our clinic for their consultation/first visit on the 27th of May. The story behind their journey to becoming parents and forming a family is arduous and touching.Don’t miss it! See more stories »

Sharee (42)

In this video, our patient Sharee shares her emotional story with us as she struggles to become a mother. She told us about how after several failed treatments in New Zealand, she decided to seek professional help and finally chose to come to IVF Spain to fulfill her dream. See more stories »


Penny has undergone an egg donation treatment at IVF Spain and her transfer will be in a few days. She is very excited and nervous at the same time. She and her partner Jeremy chose IVF Spain for many reasons. The clinic has no waiting list; it offers the most advanced technologies and has the […]

Didier (35) & Katrien (32)

After many unsuccessful IVF treatments in Belgium, Didier and Katrien decided to undergo an egg donation in Spain. It was their last chance to become parents. Both Katrien and Didier tell us about their very long fertility journey; their countless attempts up to the point where they felt they had no other option. During this […]

Victoria (47)

Victoria’s dream to enlarge her family came true thanks to the gift of an anonymous egg donor. From the bottom of her heart, she wants to thank the woman who helped her to conceive little Rex. Together with his big sister Grace and his father Ross, life is now making much more sense. See more […]

Rhod (42)

In this video we interviewed Rhod who tells us about his experiences at our clinic throughout the process. Rhod and his wife Alka found IVF Spain through the Fertility Road contest and now are eagerly waiting for the birth of their new baby. Don’t miss it! See more stories »

Alka (43) & Rhod (42)

We are pleased to introduce our second winning couple from Fertility Road Magazine 2017: Alka (43) and Rhod (42). This adorable couple’s story is admirable for their tenacity, since they never ceased in their attempt to fulfill their dream despite the obstacles and hardships they had to face. We immediately empathized with Alka and Rhod’s […]

Victoria (47) & Ross (39)

Meet this wonderful couple: Victoria and Ross, 2nd winners of ‘Fertility Journey’ 2016 with Fertility Road Magazine. In this video, recorded just after their transfer, they tell us a little bit about their story, their fertility journey and their experience with IVF Spain. After previous failed attempts, the couple came to the realization that the […]