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Egg donation

Fresh or frozen eggs… Which option is better?

If we compare the pregnancy rate of treatments with egg donation with fresh or frozen eggs, we can observe that they are very similar. Once the eggs have been joined with the sperm by microinjection, the development is very similar, regardless of whether they are fresh or frozen eggs. We spoke to Dr Llanos Medrano, senior embryologist at the international clinic for assisted reproduction IVF-Life Alicante, to answer these questions…

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Egg donation

Does exercise improve fertility?

Part of our duties as health professionals is to advocate for a healthy lifestyle and for exercise in general. Today we spoke to Dr. Alejandra García-Villalba, gynaecologist and fertility specialist at IVF-Life Alicante, about the impact of physical exercise on fertility.

Egg donation

The role of epigenetics in egg donation treatment

Many women have to face the well-known “genetic grief” that occurs when one has to give up their own gametes. This can generate fear and frustration in some couples. However, this matter covers a still unknown and very interesting topic for our fertility specialists: epigenetics.

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