Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

Our website uses cookies that help us improve your user experience by analysing your browsing habits. In compliance with Spanish Law 34/2002, from 11 July, on Information Society Services and E-commerce (LSSICE), amended by the Spanish Royal Decree 13/2012, from 30 March and recently amended by Spanish Law 9/2014, from 9 May, on Telecommunications; and the European Directive 2002/58/CE amended by the European Directive 2009/136/CE from the European Parliament, we will provide you information regarding our cookies, information on how to remove them and request your express consent for its use.


What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files and ciphers that download and install onto your computer, smartphone or tablet via internet browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari…) or flash app.

Cookies allow websites to “remember” your user profile and settings to offer you a personalised, easy and quick experience. Only the server that installed the cookies will have access to its content.

Cookies are plain text/number files, and as such they are not able to access personal information nor are they capable to install viruses on your computer – they only track web browsing activities.

Types of cookies:


Cookies designed for collecting and storing data while the user browses on web pages. They store information that is necessary for providing services that were requested by the user.

Cookies stored on your device that can be accessed for a limited period of time; this period may extend from a few minutes to several years.

Cookies created by those who are responsible for the website.

Cookies created and managed by third-parties that cannot disclose anonymous data, such as advertising service providers or analysis services.

Cookies that allow browsing on websites, platforms or apps, but also traffic control, data communication, signing up on services, accessing restricted areas, purchasing processes, event registration, use of web browsing safety features, content storage for video/audio broadcasting or sharing content on social networks.

These cookies allow users to access services with predefined features, such as language, regional settings, etc.

Designed for tracking and analysing user behavior on websites they are linked to. Information collected by these cookies is used for measuring website, app or platform activity, but also for creating user profiles for those websites, apps and platforms to improve data analysis on the use of the services.

Provide an effective advertising space management on websites, apps and platforms that are responsible for the provision of services based on edited content and advertising frequency.

Allow an effective advertising space management on websites, apps and platforms that provide services based on edited content and advertising frequency. These cookies store information on user behavior by observing browsing habits, allowing to create specific user profiles for individualised advertising.

List of the cookies used at and its function:

We use a tool for installing cookies when clicking on the “agree” button of our cookies policy. This helps us remember user settings whenever they access our web. You will find all necessary steps for uninstalling these cookies in the “how to disable cookies” section. Name and Stay period: – expires in one year.

We use a tool for installing cookie that helps us remember language settings on our website.

Google Analytics analyses user behavior when they enter the website. This way we can create a follow-up of several parameters and determine in which aspects users show most interest in to improve our content. We also use this tool for remarketing and demographic data analysis.

_utma _utmb _utmc _utmz _ga _gat stay on your computer between 30 minutes and 1 hour. For more information click on the following links 2 , 3

We use tools provided by Google that install cookies from the Google website domain when loading our web page. None of these store personal data. They may install cookies related to web browsing, security, processes, advertising, personalisation, status and session control, analysis, geolocation, language settings. Because we use Google’s interactive map, these cookies will download automatically onto your computer. We use these to give users the location of all the services we offer on our website. For more information click here.

Youtube is a Google platform that places a number of cookies on websites with Youtube videos. They are helpful for measuring both the behaviour and number of Youtube users, but also information that links visits to our website with the users’ Google account. We use Youtube for uploading touristic videos from the city of Alicante and its surroundings. For more information click on the following links 1 y 2

DoubleClick products from Google are designed for managing and publishing adverts. DoubleClick is used for managing our digital advertising and remarketing.
DoubleClick uses cookies to display adverts based on the user’s browsing history. It provides solutions for companies that buy, create or sell on-line advertising.
DoubleClick sells and buys this information from editors and third-party advertisers. As such, cookies from remarketing companies are downloaded on your computer (companies and cookies may change on each use).

You will find several marketing companies here.

Facebook Custom Audience allows creating lists of specific users that enable advertising and Facebook sponsored posts to the public. We use this tool for addressing advertising campaigns to users who visited our website, but also for addressing advertising campaigns depending on the user behaviour and web browsing habits. By means of this tool we are able to manage Facebook Ads campaigns.

For more information click here.

Facebook Connect allows users to link their ID on Facebook with other websites. We use this tool for marketing purposes and offer promotions. This helps us to promote our website on Facebook.

For more information click here.

We use the e-mail marketing platform “Sendinblue” for managing all newsletter subscriptions. Name and expiry: sib_cuid. This cookie expires after a 5-year-period.

For more information click here.

Those social networks we interact with on our website use cookies embedded in the “share” buttons. We do not have any control or obtain report results from them – social networks are in full responsibility of these cookies. Whenever the user registers on a social network that provides services with given credentials, he authorises the network to install a cookie that “remembers” his user-ID for accessing the services until their expiry. The user is able to delete this Cookie and thus not to access the Services provided through social networks by updating the settings on the social network.

More information under the following links Facebook social – Facebook – Twitter – Linkedin – Google+ – Youtube

You must provide your consent in order for us being able to install cookies on your computer. You can give your consent either by expressly providing it or by simply continuing browsing on our website.

If you wish to withdraw your consent simply click on the button “residual cookies”, go to “more information” and change your web browser settings to “decline cookies”. You will also have to delete your internet history in order to delete cookies that have already been installed.

We are required by law to inform our users on how to prevent cookies from being installed onto their computers. This requires users to change their web browser settings. Below you will find the links to the settings page of the main web browsers.

Below you will find the links to the settings page of the most used web browsers:

Links: When linking external media (news or videos) to our website it may be possible for the linked web page to contain other cookies. Bear in mind that we are not responsible for those cookies, and as such you will be required to visit their cookies policy and change your web browser settings accordingly.

If you wish to delete advertising from third party cookies you can also install the Adblock plugin on your browser.
You can also install the Ghostery privacy browser extension and block cookies, plugins and widgets you are not interested in.

We recommend deleting your internet history and cookies from your computer on a regular basis.

More information under the following links: 12.

Ultimately, you can also manage all the Adobe Flash Player cookies from the Adobe website.

Third party cookies may be modified, implemented or cancelled without notifying it to the user. This way we can ensure that all the information is updated as set in Spanish Law. However, to offer a better service we linked our cookies to our third party privacy policy so that users can always check the most recent version thereof.

The cookies policy may be subject to change by the domain owner. We recommend you to read our cookies policy whenever visiting the website.