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Choosing the perfect Fertility Clinic

When a couple or a single woman wants to start an assisted reproduction treatment, there are many elements to take into account to choose the most appropriate fertility clinic. Decision may change depending wheter you follow an emotional aspect, such as feeling a connection with the practitoner in the first visit, or you prefer to stick to the data collected while searching for the perfect fertility centre.

At this stage many doubts arise. Likewise, many people fear that they might be wasting their money or even worse, wasting their time looking for a baby. Here you can find some tips which can make less complicated the decision-making process:

manSearch for a customised attention, so that you can fully rely on your doctor. To do that, it is better to search for small, non crowded clinics. Otherwise, you can end up being just a number.

microscope_65x65Technology and research. It is important to make sure of the quality of the laboratory, so as of the techniques and treatments employed. In complex cases, study may be the answer.

chart_bar_downSuccess rates. We highly recommend not to get obsessed with data, but it is always a sign of confidence that the clinic shows rates certified by an official body.

helpDetailed information. Misinformation creates doubts. That is why it is important to see that the doctor spends enough time with you, so that you can understand the process you are going to initiate.

homeAn intimate and quiet place where you can stay, alone or with your relatives, without any other patient to know about your background or decisions.

phoneInformation 24 hours a day. Even tough you get all the information, you will see that this is a process where many doubts could arise. The right clinic must provide all the anwers.