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Pregnancy tips

Special World No Tobacco Day

The 31st of May the world celebrates the World No Tobacco Day, which seeks to promote its consumption reduction to contribute to the development of society.

Fertility treatments

Marie’s unbelievable pregnancy

45-year-old Marie is currently in week 22 of her pregnancy, but her case truly is a special one: she suffers from endometriosis and only had a single viable embryo during her treatment. However, miracles do occur when science and cutting-edge technology are combined with the know-how of a renowned medical team and the embryologists’ outstanding work.

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IVF Spain is the first clinic in Spain to offer the new Early Embryo Viability Assessment (Eeva) test

The Eeva test is the first and only non-invasive IVF test clinically proven to increase the accuracy of predicting viable embryos at an early stage. The Eeva test was developed based on landmark research conducted at Stanford University, in the United States, which discovered that early cell division timings are an accurate predictor of viability and underlying health of the embryo.

Egg donation

Pregnant mothers are able to modify their babies’ DNA

The prestigious journal Development has published a study, in which the Barker Hypothesis on the genetic modification of the baby by a pregnant mother in egg donation cases, could be proved right. In 1990, David Baker already stated that “what happened in the maternal uterus was more important than what happened at home after the birth”.

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Rules Help When Talking About Infertility

When couples have difficulty getting pregnant, the amount of information they share with family and friends may depend on who feels more stigmatized by the problem, a new study finds.

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Magnetic Sperm Selection

IVF-Spain provides its patients a new method of sperm selection (MACS or Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting) MACS is a new technique that allows us to clear out from a sperm sample apoptotic spermatozoa, whose genetic material is damaged and hence have low capacity to fertilize.

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What happens with my vitrified embryos?

What will happen with my vitrified embryos after the fertility treatment? Since the alerts popped out a couple of years ago after a publication in the United Kingdom about illegal embryo donation, many questions have arisen in this aspect.

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PGS: What is Pre-implantation Genetic Screening?

After deciding to perform an in vitro fertilization, a lot of specialists recommend to perform a Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS), which allows selecting the embryo with the greatest chances of producing a pregnancy.