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Welttag des Buches
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Stories about Assisted Reproduction to celebrate World Book Day

Books support us, enrich us and invite us to travel. They also help us to understand how others feel and how things work that are unfamiliar to us. That is why at IVF-Spain we want to join the celebration of the World Book Day, sharing a selection of stories about Assisted Reproduction and different families that are formed with the help of Reproductive Medicine. 

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First Visit Online

At IVF-Spain we are adapting to the new situation and we want to be closer than ever. This is why our patients will be able to request their First Visit Online to go over their questions about fertility and get first-hand advice by a fertility expert.

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Coronavirus and pregnancy

Considering the social alarm associated with the worldwide spread of the new COVID-19 virus (popularly known as coronavirus), and after studying strictly and in detail the available medical information, the IVF-Life medical team states that: COVID-19 is a new strain of virus whose infection in many cases, is asymptomatic or produces mild symptoms. In other cases, it presents as common flu, and only poses a risk to those who are immunocompromised or elderly people. In those severe cases, some must be hospitalized as their condition could become life threatening. At this point it should be remembered that even in these cases the

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A story about Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a chronic disease suffered by 170 million women worldwide, although many of them are still undiagnosed. This is because pain, one of the main symptoms, is sometimes confused with normal menstruation. In fact, many women claim to feel misunderstood since the disease often prevents them from living a normal life.

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Which are the reasons for infertility?

Infertility affects 1 of 6 couples worldwide. Nowadays 40% of the reasons for infertility are due to the female factor, but other 40% are due to the male factor. The rest in mixed or unknown. It is normal to know someone nearby who is struggling to get pregnant. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), infertility is considered to be when after one year of trying naturally, pregnancy is not achieved. Then it is advisable to go to an assisted reproduction centre so that a specialist can make a complete diagnosis and find out the causes of infertility. At IVF-Spain

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Single mothers by choice are already a social reality

 “We’re no different from women who do it as a couple, we’re just women with the desire to be mothers.” Strong, empowered, with a University Degree and with a job that offers financial independence. This is the profile of the patients who decide to face their maternity alone or also known as single mothers by choice.

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Best Christmas gift from IVF-Spain

We were fortunate to win the IVF Babble competition last year and received a free round of IVF at IVF-Spain Alicante. My husband’s name was selected at random out of 6,000 entrants!

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From Maybe to Baby: a TTC Journey

How everything began Our TTC Journey started in Jan 2012 and had numerous tests and procedures before eventually starting IVF in England in May 2015. I have a low ovarian reserve and we had two fresh cycles in the UK resulting in only one fertilised egg from those two cycles and one day 2 transfer. We felt that at this point things were not going to work for us. At that point we knew we had to go private for our remaining cycles and had heard very good things about clinics abroad. We researched online and decided that Spain was where

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What happens when IVF Treatments don’t work

Starting an IVF treatment is a very difficult decision and it can be very emotional. What happens when IVF treatments don’t work? Why does everyone get pregnant, but I have so many problems? Where should I go? What if IVF treatments don’t work for me? Who can guarantee that it will be successful?