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Egg donation

What information can I receive about my egg donor?

The decision for an egg donation is not an easy one to make. Many questions and doubts arise regarding the treatment which helps to become a mother with donated eggs. One of the most asked questions is: Can I know who my egg donor is? What information can I receive about her?

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Motherhood at 40 – Is it possible?

Becoming a mother is one of the biggest and most life changing decisions a woman can make. It is also a very important one, where couples or single woman wait for the ideal moment to have children. It is a reality that more and more women are putting off having children until their 40s. There are various reasons (financial, social or professional reasons) as to why motherhood is being postponed. But at some point women reach an age where their start asking themselves: Is Motherhood at 40 possible? Can I even become pregnant in my 40s?

Labor einer Kinderwunschklinik

How to create life in the laboratory of a fertility clinic

Some of the working instruments of an embryologist at a fertility clinic laboratory include glass pipettes, sterile tubes and petri dishes. One of the places that patients usually do not have access to is the laboratory in which life is created. This is due to the environmental conditions that need to be met inside the lab. This may be the reason as to why this part of the clinic generates most interest among IVF-Spain patients. With this interview in which Leonor Ortega, Director of the IVF-Life group laboratories explains what really happens inside the laboratory of a fertility clinic, we want to


Egg retrieval: what you need to know about follicular puncture

Many women raise questions about one of the most important steps in their fertility treatment, the egg retrieval and what it will look like. Will pain or swelling occur? What about side effects? And how do I prepare for the procedure? Our IVF-Spain Team will gladly clear up any fears or doubts in this article and inform you about this crucial stage, that is part of various treatments of Assisted Reproduction offered in our clinics.

Fertility treatments

Preservation of fertility

Have you ever thought of freezing your gametes? You may not know it, but the technique preservation of fertility (freezing of egg or sperm cells) is one of the great medical advances in reproductive medicine, as it allows a person to decide when is the best time to start a family.

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Breast cancer has stopped my life

A true story told by Itsaso. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), 1.38 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, making it the most common disease in women worldwide.

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Lifestyle before, during and after a Fertility Treatment

During a fertility treatment such as in vitro fertilisation – with your own eggs or with the help of a donor – patients go through a rollercoaster ride of emotions. In the hope of achieving pregnancy in the least number of attempts.  And bearing in mind that the success of a fertility treatment and, therefore, of the embryo’s implantation depends on many factors.

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A journey we begin together

According to the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF) and according to the most extensive epidemiological studies, sterility affects 15% of the Western population of reproductive age, which may mean that one in six couples suffers from infertility. These studies show an increasing evolution over the years. Below, we have collected some of the IVF opinions and testimonials that our patients have left at IVF-Spain.