Why is it so beneficial to talk to other people?

Why is it so beneficial to talk to other people?

Let’s start from the beginning…

The journey to parenthood is a process as fascinating as it is complicated, in which new situations emerge and a great deal of feelings arise.

The wish to start a family and the process to achieve it is a unique experience in life that is worth the maximum enthusiasm and joy.

Counting on the best professionals in reproductive medicine and receiving support from people who have gone through the same can undoubtedly make a difference.

Why talking helps

Through the years in IVF Spain we have observed that the testimonials of other couples have greatly helped our patients. For this reason, whenever possible, we encourage our patients to share their experiences altruistically with the aim of helping other couples that wish to start a family.

Learning first-hand the story of another person in the same situation who has successfully fulfilled their dream is an injection of strength and hope.

Sympathy is a powerful weapon long used by psychologists and other specialists in all sorts of treatments. Feeling understood by people who have shared similar experiences delivers confidence in the treatment’s success and helps face the conception process with optimism.

On the other hand there is the human need to communicate, an inherent human quality of particular relevance in this case, since sharing experiences and doubts about something of great concern to us, such as maternity, offers us an alternative perspective, which is in itself comforting.

Another beneficial aspect of talking to other people who have had a baby with the help of reproductive medicine is that they know exactly what kind of message and words can help other couples during this process; as opposed, for example, to women who have become pregnant with ease.

In summary

Having the opportunity to meet other people that have gone through the same and have fulfilled their dream after an assisted reproduction treatment, is one of the best ways to normalize the situation and face it with optimism.

Merely talking to other people that have shared the same wish of having a baby and that have had a wonderful experience, is a great positive energy boost. In addition, being able to do it at any time during the treatment is of great use and support.

The fertility clinic IVF Spain, following their philosophy of patient care excellence, facilitates to patients the possibility to talk to other patients of their same native language, that have successfully conceived a healthy baby through one of the personalised fertility treatments offered by this international clinic based in Alicante. You can learn more about this service here.