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Ananda: A story full of strength, enthusiasm and tenacity

There are times in life when we simply find ourselves in search of a desire that sometimes vanishes before our eyes and sometimes suddenly appears before us as a revealing light. The testimony of Escolástica is a clear example of this. A 46-year-old woman who wanted to become a mother with her husband.  However, there were many trials along the way, until finally, they managed to reach their goal through embryo adoption treatment. 

On her journey towards motherhood, Escolástica did not stop fighting and kept searching until she found the right place to achieve her dream with the help of the professionals at IVF-Life Alicante. The story of Escolástica, Andrés and Ananda is, among many other things, a story full of strength, hope and tenacity in the face of adversity. 

Today, Escolástica is a mother and wants to share her experience to give courage and support to all those women who, like her, want to find a place where they can make their dream come true. 

With our close family we have shared everything and we have carried everything with their support, for me that has been the most important thing

The beginning of the road to motherhood

At the beginning of her adventure, Escolástica wanted to become a mother and did not expect any problems, as there was no family history of infertility, quite the contrary: she has a large family full of natural births. 

However, for Escolástica and her husband Andrés, not everything went according to plan. Despite having become pregnant naturally, she was unable to carry the pregnancy to term. After suffering a miscarriage in the first week of pregnancy, they decided it was time to make decisions and start seeking professional help. 

Her first steps in Assisted Reproduction

testiomonio embriodonación

At first, I was not afraid at all

She points out that, at first, when the treatment failed at the first clinic they went to, she did not give it any importance, believing that it would be “a small stone in the road” but, she confesses, she was not aware of how far this problem could go.  

After this first unsuccessful cycle, the clinic recommended that she undergo implantation treatment by means of egg donation. In a first attempt with frozen eggs, they were only able to obtain one suitable egg and the pregnancy unfortunately did not go to term. 

In a new attempt, thanks to the eggs of a new donor, they obtained four eggs suitable for implantation, which renewed the couple’s strength to go ahead. Once again, Escolástica put herself in the hands of a specialist doctor, but despite all the hopes placed in this new attempt, it was not possible. 

In Escolástica’s words, “the experience with this doctor was horrifying”, feeling totally unprotected and unable to know exactly how well her body was able to accommodate the arrival of her baby. For them, she says through tears, “everything was over”.  

Welcome to IVF-Life Group: A real testimony

Once this treatment was over, Escolástica and Andrés, despite the hard blow it meant for them, continued to look for people capable of helping them in their situation. Doubts flooded them. Andres did not stop researching, checking treatments, clinics, doctors and all kinds of information about the world of fertility until finally, they found something. 

If I were to start this path again, the only thing I would change is that I would have been much more informed, I would have sought much more information to find the right place from the beginning.

In the Basque Country, thanks to the internet, they found the Basque Fertility Institute (IVF-Life Donostia) in San Sebastian and, plucking up the courage, they took another step forward. They called the clinic and it was explained to them that there were also clinics in Alicante and Madrid. 

This is how they came to IVF-Life Alicante, near Almeria, which is their city of residence. There, Dr. Sergio Rogel was waiting for them, ready to advise them and offer them a personalised diagnosis. 

After several tests to determine the patient’s reproductive health status, the first implantation took place. “After all, I got pregnant again. It was mind-blowing for me”. 

Although after 16 weeks of pregnancy, Escolástica miscarried again due to cervical insufficiency, but she felt she had regained the illusion that would help her finally reach Ananda. 

A personalized study and the adoption of embryos for motherhood

Despite the fact that Andrés and Escolástica insisted on different types of diagnostic tests, such as hormone tests or specific tests of the immune system, the first clinic they went to contraindicated them, insinuating that they were influenced by the misinformation that exists on the internet. 

In the previous clinic, before arriving at IVF-Life Alicante, the doctor who treated me hardly asked me for any tests and, at the time, he believed that it would not be necessary to ask me for any analysis, in the end he was the professional.

Thanks to the evaluation carried out at IVF-Life Alicante, Dr. Sergio Rogel had detailed information about the patient’s immunological and hormonal status, knowing in detail the state of the tissue responsible for receiving the donated embryo from the adoption of embryos. This information made it possible to know the patient’s immune system and the imbalances in certain subpopulations that could be detrimental to the development of the pregnancy and the success of the implantation. 

Ananda's light: the first daughter of Escolástica

Reproducción Asistida Amanda
Escolástica poses with her newborn daughter Ananda.

With our close family we have shared everything and we have carried everything with their support, for me that has been the most important thing.

Escolástica and Andrés once again plucked up courage and, at the risk of facing further disappointment, stood firm in their decision, coming once again closer to the once seemingly unattainable desire of parenthood.  

Escolástica became pregnant in her last cycle and in July 2022 Ananda was born, achieving the birth of her daughter Ananda less than 1 year ago. Today, Escolástica has a life experience that makes her a tireless fighter, having gone through the hardest moments that a woman can go through with her partner. Frustration is now a memory of the past, a vestige of those failed attempts to find a path that would illuminate her steps towards her daughter Ananda. 

During this journey, Escolástica highlights the important role played by her partner, family and friends, who provided her with the support and love she needed to move forward free of fear and confident that every step she was taking was helping her to hold her baby.

The circumstances around you have an influence, we are fortunate that we are rowing in the same direction. My husband and I always go in the same direction.

This story is her legacy to support all those women who struggle day after day to find their way to motherhood and be happy with their family. 

Escolástica and her husband achieved this through a treatment that is not very well known: embryo adoption.  Thanks to an altruistic act, by other women or couples who no longer wish to have children, they achieved their greatest dream: Ananda.