Why be an egg donor?

Egg donors (oocyte donors) make it possible for sterile women to become mothers. Egg donation is an opportunity to selflessly help a couple with fertility problems to conceive and to start a family.

Egg donation is anonymous and voluntary, and under Spanish law, the identity of the donor and recipient may not be disclosed under any circumstances.

That said, although this is an altruistic process, if you decide to collaborate with the donor programme, IVF-Spain will compensate you for the inconvenience of donating your eggs.

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What are the requirements for egg (oocyte) donation?

  • In order to donate your eggs you must be aged between 18 and 35, be a woman and be in good physical and mental condition.
  • The process is not dangerous to health, and complications are extremely rare.
  • It will not prevent you from getting pregnant in the future, since egg donation will not 'use up' your eggs or have a negative effect on reproductive capacity.

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