What information can I receive about my egg donor?

The decision for an egg donation is not an easy one to make. Many questions and doubts arise regarding the treatment which helps to become a mother with donated eggs. One of the most asked questions is: Can I know who my egg donor is? What information can I receive about her?

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Motherhood at 40 – Is it possible?

Becoming a mother is one of the biggest and most life changing decisions a woman can make. It is also a very important one, where couples or single woman wait for the ideal moment to have children. It is a reality that more and more women are putting off having children until their 40s. There are various reasons (financial, social or professional reasons) as to why motherhood is being postponed. But at some point women reach an age where their start asking themselves: Is Motherhood at 40 possible? Can I even become pregnant in my 40s?

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