How Hypothyroidism influences nutrition and fertility

In this article we at IVF-Spain explain the importance of the right thyroid hormone levels throughout the development of the foetus. As well as the influence of hypothyroidism, the right nutrition on our fertility. This is the reason why we provide you with a few nutritional tips to help you maintain the recommended thyroid levels in a healthy way. Continue reading “How Hypothyroidism influences nutrition and fertility”

Stories about Assisted Reproduction to celebrate World Book Day

Books support us, enrich us and invite us to travel. They also help us to understand how others feel and how things work that are unfamiliar to us. That is why at IVF-Spain we want to join the celebration of the World Book Day, sharing a selection of stories about Assisted Reproduction and different families that are formed with the help of Reproductive Medicine.  Continue reading “Stories about Assisted Reproduction to celebrate World Book Day”

What is the male factor infertility?

The male factor infertility represents approximately a 40% of all causes of infertility. The abnormal quality of the sperm affects practically a half of the couples that present fertility issues. Since in these cases the chances of achieving a natural pregnancy are significantly reduced, the male factor must be meticulously evaluated.

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