Fertility preservation, is this possible?

Have you always wanted to become a mother, but the right moment hasn’t arrived yet?

Don’t worry; at IVF-Spain we help you to preserve your fertility.

Society has changed. Nowadays we speak about fertility preservation, assisted reproduction techniques or even egg donation, when not many years ago women had to decide whether they wanted to be a full-time mother, pursue a professional career or travel around the world.

Nowadays, being able to travel, study or become a professional has led women to postpone their motherhood. But, what happens when they decide to have their first child and age won’t allow them? Absolutely nothing.

Women who underwent an ovary removal or suffer from cancer and need to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy have the possibility to freeze their eggs; women that want to build a professional career or haven’t found the perfect partner or aren’t ready to become a mother, are also able to preserve their fertility.

This treatment is very simple and similar to any other fertility treatment. Ovaries are stimulated in order to create a large number of eggs, which then are retrieved like in any other IVF treatment, but instead of being fertilized directly they are frozen and kept for the future.

Fertility preservation is possible, it is in your hands and we will help you with it.

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