What is the male factor infertility?

The male factor infertility represents approximately a 40% of all causes of infertility. The abnormal quality of the sperm affects practically a half of the couples that present fertility issues. Since in these cases the chances of achieving a natural pregnancy are significantly reduced, the male factor must be meticulously evaluated.

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From Maybe to Baby: a TTC Journey

How everything began

Our TTC Journey started in Jan 2012 and had numerous tests and procedures before eventually starting IVF in England in May 2015. I have a low ovarian reserve and we had two fresh cycles in the UK resulting in only one fertilised egg from those two cycles and one day 2 transfer. We felt that at this point things were not going to work for us.

At that point we knew we had to go private for our remaining cycles and had heard very good things about clinics abroad. We researched online and decided that Spain was where we wanted to go, the success rates seemed the best. Spain is also only a few hours flight away in the UK.

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What happens when IVF Treatments don’t work

Starting an IVF treatment is a very difficult decision and it can be very emotional. What happens when IVF treatments don’t work?

Why does everyone get pregnant, but I have so many problems? Where should I go? What if IVF treatments don’t work for me? Who can guarantee that it will be successful?

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The pelvic floor: can Kegel exercises be counterproductive?

The main reasons for seeing a pelvic floor specialist are urinary incontinence problems, discomfort during sexual intercourse or scar pain after childbirth. Thanks to a change in mentality due to cultural growth, access to information and their wish to be healthy, more and more women turn to their physiotherapist to solve their pelvic floor problems. They are nonconformist women who seek to improve the quality of their life.

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Dr. Alicia Álvarez: Reproductive Medicine can offer a solution to fertility issues

Today we are meeting with the gynaecologist Alicia Álvarez, specialist in reproductive medicine in the fertility clinic IVF Spain. We will talk about why so many patients from the UK prefer Spain as their destination for their fertility treatment.

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