Lifestyle before, during and after a Fertility Treatment

During a fertility treatment such as in vitro fertilisation – with your own eggs or with the help of a donor – patients go through a rollercoaster ride of emotions. In the hope of achieving pregnancy in the least number of attempts.  And bearing in mind that the success of a fertility treatment and, therefore, of the embryo’s implantation depends on many factors. Continue reading “Lifestyle before, during and after a Fertility Treatment”

A journey we begin together

According to the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF) and according to the most extensive epidemiological studies, sterility affects 15% of the Western population of reproductive age, which may mean that one in six couples suffers from infertility. These studies show an increasing evolution over the years. Below, we have collected some of the IVF opinions and testimonials that our patients have left at IVF-Spain.

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Fertility Treatments for single-mothers: all you need to know

With the breaking down of taboos and the delay in seeking a first child, it is no wonder that today’s women, empowered and with the support of science, decide not to give up their desire of motherhood and become single-mothers.

Therefore, it is not surprising that at IVF-Spain we have seen an increase in the number of fertility treatments for single-mothers compared to last year, reaching up to 10% of the total treatments. Continue reading “Fertility Treatments for single-mothers: all you need to know”

How Hypothyroidism influences nutrition and fertility

In this article we at IVF-Spain explain the importance of the right thyroid hormone levels throughout the development of the foetus. As well as the influence of hypothyroidism, the right nutrition on our fertility. This is the reason why we provide you with a few nutritional tips to help you maintain the recommended thyroid levels in a healthy way. Continue reading “How Hypothyroidism influences nutrition and fertility”