Partner Assisted Reproduction (ROPA): Female couples on a journey to motherhood (Part 2)

As in our previous article, the Partner Assisted Reproduction (ROPA) is the reproductive solution for same sex female couples who wish to form a family, but what exactly does it consist in and which phases does it consist of?  In this article you will learn the entire process involving this procedure.

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Marie’s unbelievable pregnancy

45-year-old Marie is currently in week 22 of her pregnancy, but her case truly is a special one: she suffers from endometriosis and only had a single viable embryo during her treatment. However, miracles do occur when science and cutting-edge technology are combined with the know-how of a renowned medical team and the embryologists’ outstanding work.

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Polycystic ovaries: Symptoms and treatments

Polycystic ovaries are not an obstacle for fertility

Many women suffer from polycystic ovaries not always knowing what it actually means. Mainly, and in order to make in simple, polycystic ovaries means that there are many more tiny follicles in a reposing ovary than normal (more than eight). Curiously, polycystic ovaries include large genetic information that is different in each race. For example, women from Western Europe, like Spain, are much more likely to have polycystic ovaries than others. It is true that having Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) does not always mean infertility.

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