Certified success rates

IVF-Spain has one of the highest success rates across Europe. Moreover, its commitment towards its patients results in offering the best clinical solutions in each case.

The TÜV-certification (Technischer Überwachungs-Verein), one of the strictest and independent ratings, has certified the success rates of the IVF-Spain fertility clinic. Thanks to the rating of the German certification group and according to 2014 data, IVF-Spain has positioned itself among the clinics with the best.

IVF-Spain has also proven to have pregnancy rates well above the Spanish average (54 - 80%, depending on the type of treatment and in comparison to data published by Spanish Fertility Association).

IVF-Spain has a pregnancy rate of 85% per cycle by means of egg donation. Regarding the Preimplantational Genetic Screening (PGS), IVF-Spain has proven a pregnancy rate of 70.4%, and of 49.74% when transferring frozen-thawed embryos from egg donation.

The success rate depends on the type of treatment and the patient prognosis.

Success RatesSuccess Rates

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